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Front Splits On Demand

  • 12Weeks
  • 12Steps
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Work towards your front split using this Onyx-On-Demand program Coach @HeidiKarinaOnyx will demonstrate her favourite and most effective exercises for front splits. This program is to be repeated over 3 months for optimum results and to embody exercises. During the length of the program it is advised to communicate with your coach for guidance, even send progress videos/pictures! The program is designed for each student to learn and practice at their own pace at home or in a safe environment. Heidi suggests to put on your favourite music and enjoy the rythm of your internal body. *Important note: listen to your body, practice what feels good, stop if you feel ANY pain and be sure to move softly. The course consists of: Follow along warm up video Collection of exercise demonstrations - Work your way through each video. First read the description and repetition suggestions then carry out the exercises at your own pace. You will need: Yoga mat and floor space Yoga blocks or cushions Water (stay hydrated!) *Prior to starting the course please ensure you have filled out our health questionaire and terms/conditions form.

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Front Splits on demand

Front Splits on demand

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